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(hereinafter: LINIERT)

1. Subject Matter and Scope

1.1. For all current and future deliveries as well as any other services that LINIERT provides for its customers through either the internet link liniert.com and/ or orders placed by phone or in writing (hereinafter: Services), the following terms and conditions in their currently valid version apply without exception. Deviations from the currently valid terms and conditions are only acceptable if agreed upon – in writing – between LINIERT and the customer.

1.2. The currently valid version of the terms and conditions can – at any time – be accessed and saved under http://liniert.com/agb. These terms and conditions are binding for all of LINIERT’s customers. Any other terms and conditions deviating from the ones set forth by LINIERT are invalid for the respective transaction and the entire business relationship with LINIERT.

1.3. All quotes by LINIERT are subject to change without notice.

1.4. The customer declares that he or she is of age.

2. Signing of the Contract and Cancellation

2.1. The goods and services offered by LINIERT on its website http://liniert.com invite customers to place a binding order for the goods and services that are supplied by LINIERT. When clicking “submit your order,” the customer enters into a legally binding agreement with regard to all the merchandise in the shopping cart.

2.2. The order confirmation is sent to the customer via an automated E-mail message immediately after the “SUBMIT YOUR ORDER”-button is clicked; it does not mean that LINIERT accepts the order. LINIERT indicates acceptance of the customer’s order by means of a separate order confirmation via E-mail.

2.3. It is the customer’s responsibility to immediately inspect the merchandise for possible defects (stains or damage) and to inform LINIERT about such defects at once and in writing.

2.4. Cancellation Policies

The customer has the right to withdraw from the contract within two weeks and without providing a reason.

The stated period begins either (a) on the day when the customer or a third party (who is not a delivery person) appointed by the customer receives the merchandise, or (b) on the day when the customer (having ordered several items as part of a common order and the items were delivered separately) or a third party (who is not a delivery person) takes possession of the item that was delivered last, or (c) on the day when the customer (having ordered items as part of a partial shipment) or a third party (who is not a delivery person) takes possession of the last partial shipment.

In order to take advantage of the right to cancel the order, the customer must inform LINIERT of his or her intent to cancel the order either completely or in part by means of an explicit explanation (e.g., a letter mailed through the post office, a telefax, or an E-mail). In order to ensure the right to cancel the order, the customer must inform LINIERT about his or her intentions before the deadline expires.

2.5. Returns must be directed to:

Sechskrügelgasse 2
1030 Wien

2.6. Consequences of cancellations:

LINIERT must reimburse the customer for all costs immediately, yet within two weeks upon receipt of cancellation. LINIERT will use the very same method of payment which the customer has chosen for his or her payment.

The customer agrees to pay LINIERT a reimbursement for a reduction in value of the item in question in case the loss in value cannot be traced to the quality, the characteristics, and the functionality of the product.

The customer is obligated to return the goods immediately, yet within two weeks from the date of cancellation, to LINIERT. The stated period is observed if the customer returns the goods before the deadline. The customer is responsible for any return fees.

2.7. The customer has no right to cancel his or her order if the merchandise has been manufactured according to his or her specifications or if it has been tailored according to his or her requests, if the merchandise has been delivered in sealed form and is, thus, not suitable for return on account of health reasons or of reasons regarding hygiene in case the seal has been removed after delivery. In addition, there exists no right to cancel a service that LINIERT has begun to render upon the explicit request of the customer before the agreed-upon deadline.

3. Fees and conditions of payment

3.1. All of the prices posted by LINIERT are exclusive of delivery charges and customs duties, yet inclusive of the Austrian value added tax.

3.2. Payments are due immediately after receipt of shipment and without any discount. Payment is only deemed acceptable after it has been credited irrevocably to LINIERT’s account. In case of default charges, interest rates in the amount of 4% apply as agreed upon.

3.3. In case of default, demand notes of EUR 12 per  reminder are applied.

3.4. Until full payment, the goods remain the property of LINIERT. Compensation for the customer regarding a demand against LINIERT is out of the question if his or her demand lacks judicial verification.

4. Terms of delivery

4.1. All products that are labelled “ready to wear” are shipped uninsured by LINIERT 2-3 days after payment has been credited to the account of LINIERT. All products labelled “custom made” are shipped uninsured 10-14 days after receipt of payment. In case the customer placed an order and the terms of delivery cannot be kept due to unforeseeable circumstances, the customer will be notified as soon as possible. In such an event, delivery at a later point in time is free of charge.

4.2. The customer will be held responsible in case additional shipping costs apply because of an incomplete and/ or wrong delivery address. LINIERT cannot be held responsible for a late and/ or incomplete shipment if no gross negligence can be proven during the handover of the merchandise to the shipping company. In case it is the customer who is responsible for a delay in delivery, he or she is obligated to pay the agreed upon charges.

4.3. Delays in delivery which are the result of a directive by law or public offices (e.g., a strike) and which are not the fault of LINIERT, prolong the terms of delivery commensurate with the duration of such impediments.

4.4. The customer agrees to immediately report to LINIERT – either in writing or via E-mail – damages that have occurred during transport.

5. Guarantees

5.1. LINIERT does not guarantee that merchandise and services are suitable for a specific purpose. All photos in the online shop are photos for representational purposes only; they may differ from the actual item in color, form, and content.

6. Liability

6.1. LINIERT does not assume any liability, unless the damage occurred intentionally or with gross negligence and was the fault of either LINIERT or a third party affiliated with LINIERT. This does not apply in case of life-threatening injuries or whenever a person’s health is concerned.

7. Protection of privacy

7.1. All information regarding the protection of privacy can be found at: http://liniert.com/datenschutz/.

8. Place of Jurisdiction

8.1. If applicable, Austrian law applies, excluding the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods, as well as the pertinent law that pertains to the Inner City of Vienna.

Withdrawal Form

If you would like to withdraw from a contract, please fill out this form and mail it back to us.

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I/ we (*) herewith withdraw my/ our (*) contract regarding the purchase of the following merchandise (*)/ the following services (*)



Ordered on (*) ____________________ received on (*) ___________________

Name of customer(s)


Address of customer(s)


Signature of customer(s) (only needed for correspondence on paper)



(*) delete where inapplicable

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